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maurices Launches Nationwide Model Search

January 8, 2012

Alyssa Buckley (Fredonia, NY)

maurices Main Street Model Search:

They are looking for 12 real girls in all sizes from across America who embody what the company is all about: fashion, fun and giving back. Women are invited to enter online for the chance to model for  maurices and win fabulous prizes, including a photo shoot in at an iconic U.S. destination and $7,500 for a charity in their hometown. Last year’s contest was amazing – check out the video of the winners

Caitlin Freier (Alexandria, MN)

Sarah Hagen (Jerseyville, IL)

Amber Hebdon (Pocatello, Idaho)

Submissions to enter the contest will be accepted from January 16 to February 13, 2012. We’re bringing the news to you early so The Aspiring Model blog readers can be some of the first entrants!

Round Two: Behind the scenes Main Street Model Photo Shoots

maurices Main Street Model Search


Model Monday: Tshenelle S.F. Bethel

October 10, 2011

Model:  Tshenelle S.F. Bethel

Stats: 44-37-45 Height 5’2″

Agency:  Divas Plus Evolution



Facebook: Nelly B Plus Size Model Twitter: @BlessedNelly

YouTube:  Blessednelly16

Tshenelle S.F. Bethel is a plus size model born and currently reside in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. Although her modeling career is mainly in Trinidad, Tshenelle is open to traveling abroad to pursue more modeling opportunities in catalog, runway, and editorial. What is most important to her life right now is her focus on school. Tshenelle is currently reading for her Masters of Arts Degree in Human Communication at the University of the West Indies – St. Augustine, Trinidad campus. She describes herself as spiritual, optimistic and outgoing.


How long have you been modeling?
1 year
Do you model full time?
I currently model part time.  I work in Communications and Public Relations.
Why did you want to become a model?
My wish was to see real women with thickness and curves on the runway. Not everyone is a size 2.
What was your first modeling gig?
My first modeling job was for a fashion show entitled Fashion Royale. We put a lot of work into it. In the end, the experience was amazing!
What is your ultimate career goal in modeling?
My ultimate modeling goal is to become a driving force that makes a way for the recognition of plus size fashion here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Who are your model icons?

The two icons that come to mind are Tocarra Jones and Whitney Thompson because of their participation in America’s Next Top Model. They showed that thick, curvy, plus size models can do what any straight size model can.
Who is your favorite fashion designer?
My favorite designer is a designer from Trinidad by the name of Orson Charter. I have modeled for him a few times. I love his collections as well as the fact that he caters solely for plus size.
Do you have any other talents?
Singing is my first love and passion. I sing gospel, but I do lend my voice to the Jazz and R&B genres also.

What’s next for you in your career?

I will be participating in a show entitled Red runway. This event seeks to source out model talent in Trinidad and Tobago. I am also in the process of getting ready to do a bridal photo shoot as well as a conceptual makeup photo shoot.

Tshenelle’s advice to aspiring models is, “Don’t give up! Your attitude determines your altitude. You may not be what the designer is looking for. You may not have the height. Trust me on that. I’m 5’2″. But, if you can walk the walk and radiate confidence, you’re halfway there. So stay positive.” A huge appreciation goes out to Tshenelle Bethel for her interview with The Aspiring Model blog!

Model Monday: Jayde Ramos

April 19, 2011

Model:  Jayde Ramos

Location: Atlanta, GA

Stats: 40-30-45 Height 5’8″

Portfolio: (MM# 1954445)

Agency: Star Size Models and Talents (Atlanta, GA/non exclusive)


 Facebook: Jayde Ramos

Although she was born in California, plus model Jayde Ramos considers herself a Georgia Peach because she moved to the state at 7 years old. Married for 8 years, Jayde is thankful to be in a position right now to focus on her modeling career and doing things that she enjoys. She is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

The best characteristic Jayde has to make her modeling career successful is persistence. At the age of 20, Jayde and her husband started a business together. Unfortunately, they lost everything – personal and business- when the economy went down, but Jayde says she would not take back that experience for anything. Although it was the hardest time of her life, Jayde learned so much about what she needed and wanted as well as what is most important to her. Now she is happier than ever!


Describe yourself in 3 words.
Dedicated. Loyal. Caring.
Why did you decide to become a model?
I decided to pursue modeling to have an exciting career that I enjoy.  The people I meet are the most important to me.  Everyone has a story. You can learn so much from one another and of course to show girls that beauty comes in all sizes!
Do you model full time?
I would love to model full time! I am self-employed and focused on school. My husband and I are currently working on developing a new advertising business.
What types of modeling have you done?
Catalog, Editorial, Runway, and Tradeshow. I participated in the Southern Curves Mega Shoot in March of this year to build my portfolio. That was enough to get me hooked!
Tell us about your first modeling job?
I was casted in a couple of national campaigns that are currently postponed. Good things are coming my way!

Do you have any other talents?

I played the violin in middle school, but I want to learn the piano!
Are you offended by any terms or prefer a certain term to describe plus size models?
No, I am not offended because I am plus, curvy, and voluptuous! It is an honor to be in a category with full figured women.  Hello! Fluvia Lacerda, Tara Lynn, Ashley Graham, have you seen those beauties? I understand that models want to be considered as a “model” and not a “type” of model, but I really feel that the models who are offended by the plus size term are offended because they are not really plus size. 
What is your biggest challenge as a plus size model?
Getting noticed! There are so many beautiful aspiring plus models. I am truly happy for their success, and my day will come. 
What advice would you like to give to aspiring models?
Research and practice! I have learned so much by researching the industry and models.  You can learn so much from the internet and YouTube.  Keep your eye out always, there are opportunities everywhere and never give up!  If you believe in yourself, you can do it! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

As an appreciation for Jayde Ramos’ interview on The Aspiring Model blog, we would like to encourage our readers to vote Jayde for the Maurices Man Street Model Search. Voters receive a Maurices coupon daily when they vote and are entered to win gift cards. The top 50 candidates are selected by the highest votes.     The top 12  will receive a donation of $7500 to a local charity! Jayde is not just representing Georgia, but all the curvy women. Please vote and share with your friends to show that women can succeed regardless of your pant size. In support of a Jayde giving back to charity and the curvy community, she needs all the votes possible. Voting is allowed daily until 4/24/11. To vote for Jayde Ramos click here.

Model Monday: Esther Romain

April 5, 2011


Stats:  39-32-38 Height 5′ 3″

Location:  Atlanta, Georgia








Esther Romain is a pretty petite runway model born in Brooklyn, New York. After spending her high school years in Florida, Esther is now in Georgia where she is currently a full time student studying to get her degree in Criminal Justice.  Modeling (freelance) is her part time career.

What was your first runway show?

My first runway show was the Red or Dead Fashion Show in July 2010.  My experiences in Atlanta shows took off from there:

  • Winter Wonderland Fashion Show (November 2010)
  • Energy Vampire Fashion Show (October 2010)
  • IamCrochet for the Cause Fashion Show (January 2011),
  • Xquisite Fashion Show (March 2011)
  • Lashe’ Magazine Fashion Show (March 2011).

Why did you want to be a model?

I actually did not want to become a model.  for my first fashion show, I found out that the show was in need of more designers. So, I contacted my sister, a designer, and I auditioned and got caste. From that point on, I have been addicted to going to model calls. Every time I tell myself that I’m taking a break, I end up doing another fashion show. I guess it’s just not my time to stop yet.

When you are doing jobs with other models, is it more of a sisterhood or extremely competitive?

To me, it is more of a sisterhood.  I never take it as a competition.  Every single fashion show I have done, I have bonded with other models so well, and we continue to communicate after jobs. Since living in Georgia for the past 5 years, I have several friends that are models, and they are amazing!




Are there any upcoming fashion shows you are modeling in?

Spring Blossom Fashion Show (April 2011) and Urban Spice Fashion Show (April 2011)

Do you feel it is necessary to diet to have a successful modeling career?

No, I do not think it is necessary to diet to have a successful modeling career.  Back in the day, every single model had to be toothpick thin. Now, it is possible for many sizes to make it to the top.

As far as your modeling career, what do you consider to be your strengths?

My strengths are me knowing that I am beautiful and confident.  When I first started, I did not think that I could do a good runway walk or make it as a model. As time went by, I got better and better at what I did. Not only did I see a tremendous improvement, others did too. That makes me a better model every day.

Esther Romain’s advice to aspiring models, “If you believe in yourself, nothing can hold you back.” Thank you, Esther, for being this week’s feature model. Continue ripping that runway!

Win a $250 Plush Boutique Shopping Spree

April 3, 2011

The pretty little purple boutique better known as Plush Boutique is giving a lucky winner a fabulous $250 shopping spree. Plush Boutique  is a stylish ladies boutique that features clothing sizes 12-24.  You can shop online or at the Atlanta location for affordable, high end fashion such as Monif C., Igigi, and Kiyonna™. Plush Boutique has several model searches and events for aspiring models throughout the year and even  hosted the Plus Academy Atlanta 2010 Fall Open House.

For a chance to win the $250 Plush Boutique shopping spree, please see details in the flyer below.  Click here for a head start. Good luck!

Model Lingo I

April 1, 2011

Last week I read a post by a model on a Facebook modeling group page. The model asked, “What is a TFP?” After I replied with a detailed description of the term, the model asked for more well known industry terms.

All models should familiarize themselves with modeling terminology to better communicate with industry professionals and understand what is being asked of them at a job. The Aspiring Model blog is here to help. Every week there will be a post with 10 new important global fashion and modeling industry terms to assist models in building their fashion vocabulary. 

Below are the first 10 terms of the Model Lingo series:

  • Composite Card (Comp Card):  a 6″ x 8″ or 8″ x 10″ professional mass-produced sheet or card from the model’s best photos.  Displays a variety of moods, angles, clothing styles, and information.
  • Faux pas: literally means false stop. French fashion term for bad fashion choice.
  • Fit modeling:  A model chosen with exact measurements for original sample garment to test for sizing.
  • Haute couture:  French for “high sewing”. Fashion translation means custom-fitted clothes, made to order.
  • Pret-a-porter: French term for ready-to-wear. Opposite of haute couture.
  • Print:  A photograph printed in newspaper or magazine form.
  • Statistics (Stats):  A model’s statistics relating to height, clothing sizes, measurements (bust, waist and hips), hair and eye color.
  • Testing:  Photographic session to produce pictures for your portfolio and composite.
  • Time for Print (TFP):  Where you give your time for pictures.
  • Trunk Show:  Informal modeling for a specific designer n a store or boutique.

Are there other fashion terms you want to know about or add to next week’s glossary? Let us know!

Model Monday: Mercedez Cabey

March 29, 2011

Model:  Mercedez Cabey

Resides: Lithonia, GA

Stats: 34-27-41 Height 5’7″


Meet Mercedez Cabey, an outgoing professional model from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands that wears many hats in the fashion industry. Mercedez does runway shows, produces fashion shows and runway choreography. She loves to assist on and off the runway.


Tell me about yourself?
I am versatile, real, and devoted to the craft. So much more, I love to love.
How long have you been modeling?
Since 1989
How did you get your start in modeling?
High school showcases
What genre of modeling you do?
Runway, editorial and commerical.
Do you model full time?
part time

What do you do in your free time?
More modeling. I teach and encourage other models. Network. Sleep.
Do you have any other talents?
Acting, Dancing, Choreography
What fashion shows do you have coming up?
This month so far I have walked in the Xquisite Footwear Spring Fashion Show (March13), APN presents Atlanta meets Jamaica presentations (March17), Splendid Fever Fashion Show (March18), and the LaShe’ Magazine presents Show Up and Show Out Fashion Show (March 20).
On April 2, 2011, I will be in the Blossom Fever Fashion Show.
Do you get nervous before ripping the runway?
Yes, I do, everytime.

On behalf of The Aspiring Model blog, I would like to thank Mercedez Cabey for allowing our readers to get to know another working model in the indusry. Mercedez leaves a few words of advice for aspiring models, “If you don’t love what you do, then you don’t need to do what you are doing. Stay focused!”

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