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The Curviest Victoria’s Secret™ Angel

September 11, 2010
Who is the curviest Victoria’s Secret™ Angel?

When Tyra Banks retired from Victoria’s Secret runways and the high fashion industry to give herself more options, she did just that and more. Not only did Tyra diverge into the commercial fashion industry, but she also became a mainstream media personality and mogul. In regards to moving forward from high fashion, Tyra said,

“I told my agency to call Victoria’s Secret, and I told them to call Sports Illustrated… I said [that] my body is changing, and seamstresses are calling me ‘grosso’ in Italian, and I know what that means. And I’m not about to starve.”

Before Tyra Banks retired, she had the most curvaceous body of all the VS models.Why did you have to leave, Tyra?

My previous post, DREAM BIG, talked about my future dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret™ Curvy Angel. Now that we have arrived to 2010 also known as the Year of the Curves, I wonder if any of the current Angels feel comfortable enough to eat more embrace their curves. How much emphasis is there on size today for a VS model? Everyday I try to look for signs to see how close my dream is to becoming real based off what I see through fashion shows, television commercials and magazine editorials from different designers –  specifically those who make lingerie, sleepwear, shape wear, and undergarments. Those sources tell me how close I am because sometimes it only takes a couple ads to get the ball rolling. We all know what started from the November 2009 issue of US Glamour magazine

Another example of how to get the ball rolling is having the first ever plus size fashion show during this year’s New York Fashion Week. Considering these chain of events, I realized that ads set the pace of the plus size industry.

June 2010 Glamour magazine cover (from left): plus-size model Crystal Renn, Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and Sports Illustrated swimusite cover model Brooklyn Decker

The other night, on YouTube, I watched (for the 3rd time) the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that aired live on CBS (December 1, 2009) featuring the Black Eyed Peas. The first time I watched the show was to actually look at the collections. The second time was to look at how each Angel walked on the catwalk. (I am an aspiring model – always learning.)

If you didn’t see the show, you can watch it below at the end of this post.

Sadly this third go-around, I noticed only 2 curvy women on the runway. One of which was Fergie, who is not even an official VS Angel and was only on the runway performing. By the way, she looked amazing!

Black Eyed Peas performing "Boom Boom Pow"

Fergie in custom made corset by Period Corsets® performing "Meet Me Halfway"

The other curvy woman was supermodel Heidi Klum. We all know what contributed to the curves she had that night. Heidi was walking the runway only 4 weeks after giving birth to her 4th baby. Where are those curves now, nearly a year later? I can assure you she lost them and they won’t be back until her and Seal make another love child. says that all Victoria’s Secret models are curvy. They even go as far as comparing the skinny curvy Angels to even skinnier models that are showing up on runways during Fall 2010 Fashion Week in New York.

Yes, I’ll admit VS models such as Alessandra Ambrosio have curves, but are they really curvy? Did I really just say that about Alessandra? Let’s look at her from another angle…

…okay, and moving on. A model with curves is just a skinny model with breasts or, in rare cases, a booty. A curvy model is literally a curvy model with breasts AND booty along with a stomach, two or more rolls, and thighs that are not the same size as their arms.

Having trouble differentiating the two? A curvy model looks like any model that’s not a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and also looks like any model that’s not on any of the runways in this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Still can’t figure it out? Okay, the side of a skinny model’s body is similiar to the shape of the capital letter i, “I”, or lower case L, “l”, which way you choose to describe it. When you get to the skinny models that resemble Victoria’s Secret Angels, the sides of their bodies is similiar to the shape of a closing parenthesis mark “)” which is why the are considered models with curves, but not quite curvy models. Whereas, the sides of a curvy model’s body is similiar to the shape of the letter “S”.

Understand the difference now?  Have you ever seen a woman who has this confident, fierce walk that makes you want to know where she got her dress from or want to buy whatever she’s wearing? She is so beautiful that she could sell the lint out her pocket, and her breasts, waist and hips are just the right proportion (an hourglass figure). You think to yourself that the woman is a model, but she can’t be because she’s not fatlbshe her size is the same as most women you see everyday off the runway and not in magazines. Well, my friend, that is what a curvy model looks like.

Forget about Victoria’s Secret models for a second. Want to see one of the sexiest curvy models on the planet? Click on the picture below.

As far as who is the curviest VS model, it is hard for me to say. If I had to choose, it would be Heidi Klum especially during the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. Having me say which Angel is the curviest is like asking me which letter is straighter, the Capital i “I”, or the lower case L, “l”. I’ll let you be the judge on this one.  Watch the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show below. There is a roster of models with curves in the show, but how many curvy models do you see?

Size 10 is considered to be the starting range of plus size models. In some agencies, the plus size division begins at size 8. How close to a size 8 do the models above appear to be? I’m judging how close Victoria’s Secret is to having an official plus size line by how close the models are to a size 8. I mean, Gisele Bundchen is considered one of the curvy VS models and she is a size zero. Go figure!

Do you think Victoria’s Secret will ever have a Plus Size line? If VS creates a plus size line and hire Curvy Angels, will Trya do like Michael Jordan and Jay Z and come back from retirement?

Would you want to see a real Curvy Angel on the runway or a commercial? Do you think a Victoria’s Secret Curvy Angel commercial will get taken off the air by a certain network like the Lane Bryant ad featuring Ashley Graham?

Would you buy plus size lingerie from Victoria Secret? Are you satisfied with the intimate apparel provided by retailers such as Lane Bryant and Hips and Curves that cater only to full figured bodies? Please comment and tell me your opinion.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 6, 2010 8:58 pm

    It is always good to see more plus models making it in the industry. I hope to see more in the future.

  2. Camila permalink
    July 11, 2011 10:31 pm

    i feel really good reading this because i feel the same way you do
    i want to be a vs angel someday but everytime i whatche the show or the models i dont see any girl with a curvy figure and thats very sad.. i mean i am curvy and if i satnd next to one of them i am sure our bodies are going to look completely different … i appreciate you writing this it is very nice to find someone who understands… btw i rhink the “curviest¨” one is doutzen kroes not heidi klum

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