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Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

September 1, 2010

If you are any of the following…

  • aspiring model
  • thinking about becoming a model
  • don’t know how to get started into modeling
  • professional model wanting to take your career to the next level
  • just curious of what I actually know about modeling

…then this blog is for you.

My name is Galyn. I am a professional Plus Size Model working in Atlanta, GA, and the author of The Aspiring Model blog. You can call me the Curvy Naomi Campbell. I created this blog for those who dream of becoming a model, have the ambition and drive to pursue a modeling career, but feel they can’t achieve this goal for either of the following reasons: overweight, not tall enough, too old, don’t have a certain look, etc.

These were actually all my thoughts. I’m here to tell you that anything that you set your mind towards is possible . The first step is to take the first step. This is not a motivation or self-help blog. I’m here to provide you with professional resources, advice, and information to get your modeling career started and succeed in this industry. Modeling is serious fun. In other words, it’s exciting work, but it’s also a business. Modeling is my career. It is not a hobby of mine.

I have been able to work beyond my doubts, and have been successful thus far as a plus size model because I’m a go-getter. I go after what I want. If  you tell me that I can’t be or do something, that makes me that more determined to accomplish what I set out to do or be. When doors are not opened for me, I find another way inside or build my own entrance. I believe life is what you make it.

Never let others and what they have or what you don’t have or your size affect your happiness.  Although I choose to eat healthy and live a lifestyle that’s healthy, if I decide to eat ice cream, cake & fried chicken at the same time, that’s what I will do (of course, after a fashion show – not because I might not fit into the clothes, but because I don’t want to get grease stains on it, duh!). I’m confident and borderline vain, but I never take myself too seriously. Who said curvy women can’t wear stilettos, halter tops, tank tops, tube dresses, skinny jeans, two piece swimwear, thongs and lingerie? I got them, and I sure as heck can model them with just as much class and sophistication as straight models.

With that being said, The Aspiring Model blog is not for plus size models only. The information on this blog is for all aspiring models. It just so happens that I am a curvy woman and a professional plus size model. Moreover, there are far less resources out there for plus size models in the industry than for straight models. Therefore, many of my posts will address how to videos, techniques and styles addressed to curvy models. Nevertheless, everything on The Aspiring Model Blog will be useful for all models any size, in any genre, and at all levels in their career.

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